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    Photograph ©Roberto Chile

  • The Center for Cuban Studies (CCS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt educational institution with a national membership base organized by a group of scholars, writers, artists and other professionals with a purpose to counter the effects of U.S. policy toward Cuba. Founded in 1972 and located in New York City, CCS is dedicated to providing information about contemporary Cuba and contributing to a normalization of relations between Cuba and the U.S., including an end to the embargo.

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    We offer four decades of experience crafting custom tours of Cuba, and four decades of glorious client testimonials.


    Photograph  ©Theo Madias



    Havana, Cienfuegos/Trinidad, Matanzas or Pinar del Rio


    Explore Cuban arts and architecture! Visit artists in their home studios and discuss how changes in Cuba affect the arts. We’ll travel from Havana to Cienfuegos & Trinidad, exploring areas east and/or west of the city.

    Photograph  ©Roberto Chile


    Welcome to Havana!

    - Hotel Capri check-in.

    - Cocktails at Hotel Nacional,

    - Dinner at San Cristobal,

    - Jazz club or Hotel Nacional.

    Photograph  ©Theo Madias


    - Tour the Museum of Fine Arts Cuba Collection with a docent,

    - Walking tour of Plaza Vieja: Fototeca, Provincial Art Center, - Camera Oscura, Diago Gallery (folk art)

    - Visit Clandestina, a cultural hot spot and local independent shop for original designs,

    - Dinner at Tierra, inside the Art Factory, with a tour of the Art Factory for dessert.

    CCS's  Marie Laux with  Mabel Poblet in her home studio, Photograph  ©Theo Madias


    We visit artists in their homes and studios, including, (schedules permitting) Manuel Mendive, Roberto Diago, Eduardo Roca (Choco), Toirac, Roció García, Glenda Leon, Mabel Poblet, Kcho, Luis R Camejo, Abel Barroso, José Fuster, Kadur López, Los Carpinteros, Sandra Ceballos, Ernesto Javier, The Merger, in Havana; Adrian Rumbaut, Camilo Villalvilla, Copperi, Alain Moreira in Cienfuegos, Yudit Vidal Faife, Jorge Cesar Sáenz, Carlos Cesar Roman in Trinidad (where Diago also has a home and gallery).

    Photograph  ©Theo Madias

    Las Terrazas

    - We travel west of Havana one hour and tour Las Terrazas planned community, visit artists, hear music.

    - Lunch at Casa de Campesino with music by El Grupo de Polo.

    - Visit the Orchid Garden, a tribute by a Spanish businessman working in Cuba to his teenage daughter who died.

    - Return to Havana.

    - Plaza de Armas for book & poster sellers, stroll down Obispo Street to see new private businesses and restaurants.

    Photograph  ©Theo Madias

    Havana-Jaimanitas-Santa Fe

    - Home visit with Pepe Viera, former diplomat and vice-minister of foreign affairs, lawyer and investments adviser, and his wife Cecilia Bermudez, who worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who can answer almost any question about what’s happening in Cuba today!

    - Travel to Jaimanitas to visit artist José Fuster, where we’ll have lunch and tour Fuster’s sculpture and ceramics that adorn the entire town.

    - Visit painter Jorge Perugorria (also Cuba’s best-known actor), Sandra Dooley and Guillermo Estrada-Viera in the town of Santa Fe. Sandra is a self-taught painter and printmaker; Guillermo is a trained sculptor, painter and printmaker.

    Photograph  ©Theo Madias


    - Punta Gorda architecture tour

    - Lunch at Casa Verde

    - Check into the Hotel Jagua, return to the city center

    - Visit the Maroya Gallery in the town’s center, artists and the CCS Down syndrome printmaking project at the Print Workshop.

    - Hotel for R&R

    - Dinner at Villa Lagarto, an excellent water-side paladar

    Photograph  ©Theo Madias


    - Meet artists at the House of Young Artists to hear music, see art by members of the Hermanos Saiz group, including Jorge Cesar Sainz and Cesar Roman.

    - Visit the home studio of artist Yudit Vidal Faife and the Benito Ortiz Gallery and Santander ceramics workshop where this family has made pottery for more than a hundred years, followed by a visit to the beautiful ceramics shop of painter Alejandro López Bastida to talk with the artist about his current art projects.

    - Stop by the workshop of silversmith Orbein Licor, and walk through the Trinidad street markets, famous for the lovely embroidered clothes, tablecloths, etc.

    Photograph  ©Theo Madias


    Guided tour of the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), the graduate art school, famed for its architecture and its graduates. (We'll screen the 2011 documentary about the school called “Unfinished Spaces” inviting Roberto Gottardi, one of the three architects featured in the film, to speak with us.)

    - Visit the Music School and the Visual Arts School.

    - Visit the studio of artist Kcho and the community project he started in Romerillo, the poor neighborhood next to ISA.

    - Visit artist studios including that of Los Carpinteros.

    Farewell dinner at one of Cuba’s first and best paladars, La Esperanza in Miramar.

    Buen viaje!



    20 Jay Street, Brooklyn
    Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm.

    What a wonderful trip! I want to thank you for your devotion to this wonderful country, so that we got to see it through your eyes and with the people you know so well. . .

    Muchas gracias.


    Sally Fink, lawyer, Ann Arbor MI, February, 2016, African Roots trip

    We met with the best and the brightest in the arts. I cannot thank you enough for making it all possible. My head is spinning from all the ideas and creativity that was shared with the special artists we had the privilege of meeting and who were so gracious and welcomed us into their studios and homes. It is not hard to understand why you fell in love with the Island.


    I surely learned a great deal and loved the experience. …

    Thank you again for making this trip so memorable . . .

    Francene Agees, photographer, Ottawa & FLA

    The trip to Cuba FAR exceeded my expectations. It was GREAT. Thanks a lot for your knowledge, energy and exuberance


    Doris Watts, Milwaukee WI, February, 2016

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