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    This is a new era in U.S. - Cuba relations. We are closer to bridging our countries than when the Center was founded in 1972 with this one goal in mind, and we are still very much in need of breaking the barriers between us.


    We hope to bridge U.S. and Cuba relations, one person at a time, by bringing you to see the vibrant and wonderful people, culture and country that is Cuba.


    Traveling to Cuba on one of our customized journeys may change your life as much as it’s changed mine. Whether you’re looking at the performing arts or current economic changes, you’ll learn almost too much in a short time!


    At the heart of what we do here is our passion for Cuba and its people. I’ve been helping people travel to Cuba since we opened the Center in 1972. My mission to connect people to the island’s art, beauty and culture has only expanded with the years. Whether Cuba touches you through the art we bring directly from the island or the travel we share with you, our hope is that you come home intrigued, a bit in love, and with more questions than when you started. Then we’ll know we’ve done our job.




    Sandra Levinson
    Executive Director


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